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Investment Options

The AutoMEP Open Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan is designed to utilize retirement class Mutual Funds (MFs), Collective Investment Funds (CIFs), Collective Investment Trusts (CITs) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which mirror typical investment formats in the Large Plan market and which are designed for use by and support of independent investment advisers. The unique aspect of the concentric Investment Policy is the creation of a universe of investments, out of which are spun core products and managed portfolios.

Key Modifications to AutoMEP Core Fund Options

AutoMEP is committed to low net cost, transparently priced investments and in doing so, we initially created several specific sector core options. However, in meeting with key financial advisers, we became aware that there was another important variable in the investment story – Passive and Active Investments. With these changes, the financial adviser may prefer one style over another, and more importantly, a client may have a preference. Rehmann Capital Advisory Group, LLC, as the 3(38) fiduciary is monitoring investment and has created three (3) core fund options for use at the Plan level which adds consultative value to the selection process by each adviser in meeting the needs of each employer and participant.

Investment Summary

Investment Accounts:

Passive Core Product Line-up

Active Core Product Line-up

Blended Core Product Line-up

Custom Select Line-up

Managed Accounts:

American Funds Date Funds

Dimensional Target Date Funds

Vanguard Target Date Funds

flexPATH Strategies

You as the Employer along with the investment advisor will have the option of choosing one of the manage fund options as well as up to 20 from the Custom Select List that Rehmann Capital Advisory Group, LLC has pre-created.

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